The Ultimate CarePackage. Learn how to find happiness in your career with CareVet!
The Ultimate CarePackage

What We Offer Veterinarians

CareVet has a keen understanding of the unique challenges Veterinarians face on a daily basis. As part of our ongoing commitment to meet the needs of our DVMs, we created The Ultimate CarePackage, a suite of innovative DVM benefits aimed at providing doctors with the personal and professional support and security you deserve.

Our DVMs find CareVet’s cohesive team-oriented culture ideal for providing them the support, advancement opportunities and clinical autonomy you deserve. There’s a reason we have a 93% Veterinarian retention rate, the strongest in the industry!

What can CareVet offer you?

Strong Start Program

CareVet not only offers highly competitive compensation, but we also work with our Veterinarians to provide personalized compensation packages.

We believe that DVMs entering the industry and our network deserve the opportunity to transition slowly and with support. This is why we offer a variety of programs for Veterinarians* in their first year with CareVet.
*Eligibility criteria apply.

Our Strong Start Program Includes

$100,000 Minimum Base Salary

Signing Bonuses

Student Loan Support

Child & Dependent Care

No Upfront Non-Competes

Mentorship-Driven Experience

Whole Person Support

Our Whole Person Approach concentrates on better supporting your personal and professional needs for health, fulfillment and advancement.

Our Whole Person Support initiatives deliver on our promise, ensuring your emotional, physical and financial stability for every phase of your life and career.

Our Whole Person Support Includes

EAP with On-Staff Social Worker

Company-Paid Short-Term Disability

Company-Paid Life Insurance

Parental Support

Ensuring all parents have adequate paid time to bond with their children and adjust to new caregiving responsibilities is a priority for CareVet. Whether it’s after the birth of a child or during the adoption process, we provide familial support to our DVMs immediately upon hire.

Our Parental Support Includes

Paid Parental Leave

Adoption Assistance

Work/Life Balance

Now more than ever, Veterinarians are facing greater challenges managing work/life balance. In response to the rising rates of compassion fatigue and burnout, CareVet offers schedule flexibility with the option to work full-time or part-time.

We also encourage our DVMs to take advantage of our other benefits that prioritize your mental, physical and emotional well-being, including Carebnb, our paid time off program that gives DVMs free access to company vacation properties or travel credit to choose your own adventure.

Work/Life Balance Efforts Include

Paid Time Off

Community Giveback

CareVet hospitals and Team Members are deeply rooted in their communities. CareVet is dedicated to giving back to the communities you serve, and we support your philanthropic efforts in a variety of ways, from monetary donations to volunteer opportunity support and more.

Community Giveback Initiatives Include

Charity Match

Volunteer Opportunities

Best Paid & Trained Teams

Our Veterinarians also benefit from many of the incredible resources offered to all Team Members, including best-in-class benefits, from outstanding insurance to continuing education focused on your personal and professional growth.

Our Whole Person Approach results in our teams feeling more empowered, allowing them to deliver a superior level of care to patients.

We Offer Our Team Members

Living Wage Initiative

Revenue-Sharing Program

Skills & Development

State-of-the-Art Facilities