Innovation by CareVet
Innovation by CareVet

CareVet is innovating and investing $75 million dollars to advance our hospitals.

CareVet is leading the industry with innovative hospital design that prioritizes our patient and client experience, Team Member satisfaction and efficiency of workflow. As the veterinary industry rapidly evolves, we’re ensuring our hospitals have the resources to evolve with it.

We’re advancing our teams with a large investment in hospital infrastructure over the next five years that will elevate our facilities and provide premier veterinary care to their communities.

So, what does the hospital of the future look like for CareVet?

Building with Your Team in Mind

The veterinary industry has long been suffering from low job satisfaction and high turnover. CareVet takes team wellbeing into consideration throughout the entire design process, ensuring there’s ample space to relax and recharge. From incorporating new breakrooms and office space, to customizing artwork and fixtures, workplace satisfaction is at the forefront of the design’s creation. Our design process goes as far as incorporating sound mitigation tactics in walls and doors, glass windows for natural light, and high-end flooring and drainage for optimal cleanliness. Our teams’ well-being is paramount.

Building with Your Workflow in Mind

Physical bottlenecks can stunt a hospital’s growth by limiting the number of Team Members that can effectively carry out their responsibilities at the same time. CareVet ensures all workspaces are set up as efficiently as possible and can accommodate our teams’ future growth, removing bottlenecks and focusing on the teams’ safety.

Building with Patients in Mind

As demand for higher standards of treatment in the pet care space increases, veterinary hospitals must invest in their facilities to accommodate these additional services. CareVet utilizes a proven process while leveraging industry insights and stakeholders to build facilities that can serve this demand.

Building with Clients in Mind

Pet owners are increasingly treating their pets as members of their family. This shift is leading clients to hold pet care providers to higher standards of care, efficiency, functionality and aesthetics. From separate waiting areas for dogs and cats, to implementing calming sensory features, to fear free color schemes, our hospitals are designed for maximum comfort and function for both pets and owners.

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