Five Pillars of Care

CareVet’s mission is to provide the very best care for pets. Our holistic approach to veterinary medicine focuses on five pillars of care. A balanced approach to people, pets and community make CareVet a partner that you can trust.

Practice Legacy

The preservation of a life’s work

  • Your hospital is a brand. CareVet respects and appreciates how difficult it is to build that brand – piece-by-piece over many years. That’s why we preserve the name of hospitals.

  • For any practice, the care of the pet is paramount. The high standards of care is what keeps customers returning. Some families have even been coming since they were kids. We understand that is what matters most.


Ensuring the best care for pets

  • Science continues to provide new insights to improve pet care. That’s why CareVet provides veterinarians with opportunities for continuous education.

  • Sometimes people need support and access to resources. Through our trusted network of veterinarians, we create peer groups where you can get information on best practices, personnel management, community outreach, mentoring programs or even networking.


The lifeblood of a practice

  • The entire team – client service, veterinary technicians and assistants, animal care staff - is passionate about animals. That’s why they are in this line of work. To keep them engaged and growing, CareVet provides opportunities for their continuous improvement such as: education resources, training materials, conferences and certifications.

  • Your team needs healthcare too. We make it available to all full time employees.

  • We partner with teams to understand better ways to deliver patient and client care.


Expecting the highest standard of care

  • CareVet will invest in the development of the employees and the hospitals to continually advance the care of their patients.

  • We believe the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) guidelines are the gold standard that all hospitals should strive to achieve. We subscribe to their life stage and preventive care guidelines. If a hospital in our portfolio is not AAHA-Accredited but would like to be, we will work with them to establish a path to certification.


Making a difference in the world

CareVet believes strongly in philanthropy, so we provide all employees with opportunities to be involved in community outreach programs. Get out. Give back.