Pass the torch to a partner you can trust.
Pass the torch to a partner you can trust.

What We Offer Owners

CareVet’s team-centric Whole Person Approach ensures every member of your staff has the financial security, job flexibility, growth opportunities and benefits to meet their present needs and support their future development. When you choose CareVet, you can rest assured that you are not only protecting your work family but also bringing them opportunities that previously seemed unattainable. On top of our Whole Person Approach, we’re proud to offer practice owners many additional benefits that set us apart from the pack.

Comprehensive Hospital Valuation

At CareVet, we custom tailor our valuation to every single hospital’s potential. We want to get to know you, your team and your goals for the future of your practice. We take all of this into consideration during our valuation process.

Ongoing, Transparent Guidance

Tailored Deal Structure

Cash & Stock Options

Flexible Career Planning

Whether you plan on retiring soon or practicing for another ten years, we are here to help with your transition to the next chapter. Our teams will reach a common understanding of your career plan and ensure your goals are met.

Stress-Free Exit Strategy

Customized Career Growth Plan

The Ultimate CarePackage

One of CareVet’s primary goals is recruiting and retaining the top talent in the industry, which is why we provide best-in-class benefits to our Veterinarians. Our goal is to address the challenges our DVMs face daily so that you can focus on doing what you love most: caring for animals. As part of our commitment to our doctors, we developed The Ultimate CarePackage, a suite of 16 innovative DVM benefits aimed at providing both personal and professional support.

Strong Start Program

Whole Person Support

Parental Support

Work/Life Balance

Community Giveback

Growth Opportunities

Whatever your vision and goals for the future are, we are here to bring them to life. CareVet’s organizational support extends to facility remodels and expansion opportunities that will optimize your workflow, efficiency and capacity to serve your community.

Facility Remodels

Expansion Opportunities

Specialty Equipment and Training

Reputation Preservation

We respect how hard you’ve worked to build your hospital piece-by-piece over many years and want to preserve the reputation you’ve earned. We will take the time to learn about your brand and your team to ensure we preserve your legacy the way you intended.

Name Conservation

Clinical Autonomy

Team Retention

Best Paid & Trained Teams

Your team is your family, which is why we’re laser-focused on caring for the individuals that make up our network. CareVet offers many incredible resources to all Team Members to support their personal and professional growth. Our Whole Person Approach results in our teams feeling more empowered, allowing them to deliver a superior level of care to patients.

Living Wage

Revenue-Sharing Program

Skills & Development

Health & Wellness