What We Offer Team Members

CareVet is deeply committed to investing in the lifeblood of our hospitals. We don’t just help our teams go further with great support, we make them the prime company priority around which all activities revolve. Our Whole Person Approach includes:

Living Wage

CareVet is the only company in the industry to transition 100% of its veterinarian Team Members to a living wage of at least $15 an hour. We empower our employees with a strong financial foundation, which inevitably enhances the level of care our teams provide their patients.

Revenue Sharing

Our teams are the foundation of our organization, and we are committed to sharing in successes, which is why each Team Member has the ability to participate in our Revenue Sharing Program. Our teams are engaged in driving growth at the local level, which we then invest back into the hospital and team. At CareVet, we all win together.

Continuous Education and Development

At CareVet, we expect Team Members to invest in themselves through our robust continuing education platform: CareVet Learning Institute (CVLI). CVLI encompasses a broad curriculum of role specific, customized learning paths, RACE approved courses and leadership and skill development opportunities. We subsidize all programs within CVLI for our Team Members to foster professional growth and clinical skill set development.

Growth Opportunities

Whether you’re seeking skill development to advance your career or to build additional capacity in order to better serve your community, CareVet offers broad growth opportunities. Our Emerging Leaders Program is just one way we elevate our Team Members to reach their full potential. We invest in your hospital’s growth by providing capital to acquire the latest equipment, remodel or expand your facility, or recruit top talent.

Best-in-Class Employee Benefits and Support

CareVet recognizes the importance of a Whole Person Approach and provides an expansive suite of benefits that ensures our employees’ health and wellness are secure. A few highlights of our program include:

  • Outstanding insurance: Medical, Dental, Vision, Disability, Life and more.
  • A comprehensive Employee Assistance Program which focuses on compassion fatigue and stress support. Our EAP includes free mental health counseling, financial assistance and counseling, legal aid, wellness counseling and more.
  • Premier retirement services, including a 401K with match and dedicated financial advisor for Team Members.

Operational Support

We provide support and stability so our Team Members can focus on what’s important in their jobs: caring for patients. Our comprehensive support program removes every business-related burden. We provide administrative support with payroll, HR, legal matters, procurement, marketing, accounting and much more, so you can focus on practicing pet care with clinical autonomy.

Community Engagement

CareVet hospitals and Team Members are deeply rooted in their communities. Our philanthropic efforts include fundraising, strategic local partnerships, donations and designated volunteer opportunities. CareVet is dedicated to giving back to the areas we serve.