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CareVet Launches Comprehensive Learning Institute

CareVet — a network of veterinary hospitals operating in 27 states, with over 1,100 team members, 233,000 patients, and 147,000 clients — today announced its CareVet Learning Institute, a robust, gold-standard continuing education resource for Team Members. The program includes hundreds of RACE-approved online classes offering a variety of courses focused on veterinary medicine, leadership, communication strategies, and more. The classes will be free of charge for CareVet Team Members with a specific Learning Path to be completed during a Team Member’s scheduled hours, effectively paying Team Members to pursue professional development. The inaugural curriculum set includes courses ranging from DiSC Assessments for Dummies, the Total Client Experience, and Resolving Common Problematic Behaviors in Pets. All of these courses are on-demand and mobile-ready.

The CareVet Learning Institute is the newest component of CareVet’s Whole Person Approach and incremental to the Revenue Share Bonus Program announced on May 3, 2021, which rewards hospital team members with up to $2080 in bonuses per year and the Living Wage Program which CareVet announced on April 1, 2021, providing a minimum of $15 per hour to all veterinary Team Members. CareVet’s average wage for a Team Member in its hospitals is now $17.08/ hour. Combined, CareVet Learning Institute, The Revenue Share, and Living Wage programs provide an annual wage increase of up to $6,600 per Team Member. The cost of all 3 programs will exceed $3.6 million companywide in 2021. The program is available to all veterinary Team Members and the bonus amount is based on tenure with the hospital.

According to Greg Siwak, CareVet CEO, “The CareVet Learning Institute is an investment back into our Team Members for the integral part they play in their hospital’s growth and success. Each quarter, Team Members will complete a unique Learning Path based on mutually agreed-upon goals between hospital leadership and the individual. By providing both personal and professional development, we plan to attract top talent to our network and help them grow within our organization.” CareVet has an industry-leading 91% retention rate of team members, demonstrating they are an employer of choice.

Jen Suman, Lead RVT at Amity Woods Animal Hospital, explained how CareVet’s investment in her growth has impacted her, “CareVet has not only encouraged me in furthering my skills as a technician but has given me the tools to make those aspirations a reality. With CareVet’s support, I was lucky enough to travel and participate in a comprehensive ultrasound course to help further my education and skills. This training is helping our practice continue to grow by being able to provide our patients with the best possible care. I am beyond grateful for the great opportunities that CareVet has given me.”