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CareVet Expands Carebnb, Offering More Paid Vacation Opportunities for Veterinarians

In an industry plagued with high levels of burnout and compassion fatigue, CareVet continues to provide Veterinarians with programs dedicated to improving mental health and wellness. Last month, the organization expanded their paid time off program, Carebnb, offering additional paid vacation opportunities for doctors to recharge outside of the hospital. Through Carebnb, network Veterinarians can now enjoy their paid time off at one of Carebnb’s top-rated properties courtesy of CareVet or receive a generous travel credit to choose their own adventure. The program, offered annually, is one of several under The Ultimate CarePackage, CareVet’s suite of industry-leading benefits tailored to today’s Veterinarian.

Carebnb launched in early 2022, inviting CareVet Veterinarians to book a stay at one of CareVet’s luxury vacation properties, or choose a staycation experience, free of charge. In the program’s inaugural year, 65% of eligible Veterinarians participated in the program. Of those doctors, more than 95% agreed that the time away from work allowed them to return to the hospital refreshed and renewed.

In 2023, CareVet is anticipating more than 90% of eligible Veterinarians to take advantage of Carebnb, with the program’s expanded offerings and increased flexibility. Now, DVMs have the choice to select one of two travel opportunities:

  • The Best of Carebnb: With this option, Veterinarians can enjoy a stay at one of CareVet’s luxury vacation properties. Carebnb’s DVM Concierge works with doctors to check availability, confirm stays and share fully interactive Stay + Play Guides featuring personalized recommendations. The Best of Carebnb was designed for the traveler that wants white glove service as they plan and enjoy their trip.
  • Carebnb, Your Way! With this option, Veterinarians can plan a vacation (or staycation) their way with a travel credit of their choice. Carebnb, Your Way!’s flexibility helps get DVMs where they want to go, with credits ranging from transportation to accommodations. Carebnb, Your Way! was designed for the traveler wanting to plan their own adventure.

“When we first began mapping out Carebnb by CareVet, we knew we wanted to design a benefit that not only encouraged our DVMs to take their paid time off, but also allowed them to recharge and reconnect with what matters most,” says Dr. Kent Thornberry, CareVet Co-Founder. “Expanding the program to include a travel credit option allows for flexibility and a more personalized the Carebnb experience, so our Veterinarians can use their vacation time to do just that.”

CareVet doctors are positively responding to the program. One Texas DVM shared, “For the 36 years I practiced before CareVet, I never took a vacation that wasn’t attending a Veterinary Conference for continuing education. Carebnb has enabled my wife and I to get away and have a real vacation. I didn’t realize what I was missing.”

An Iowa DVM shared their anticipated travel, “Making plans and budgeting for a vacation can be difficult. With CareVet’s travel perk, it takes away some of the financial pressure. Knowing we have funds available specifically for a vacation also relieves some stress and gives my family more motivation to move forward with the planning. Can’t wait to take advantage of this!”

In addition to their paid time off initiatives, CareVet offers a multitude of innovative benefits aimed at supporting Veterinarians’ personal and professional needs, including paid parental leave, adoption assistance, student loan support and much more. Beyond the DVM, CareVet concentrates on better supporting Team Members through their Whole Person Approach, including revenue sharing, skill development, living wage initiative and more.

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