What’s In and What’s Out in Veterinary Medicine for 2024

From new technologies to clinical innovation, learn what we believe Vet Med will see more of in 2024.

In the ever-evolving field of veterinary medicine, it’s crucial to stay up to date with the latest trends and practices. We recently explored many emerging trends during a webinar discussion featuring three of CareVet’s experts, Dr. Brandon Thornberry, Elizabeth Garant, and Emma Ehll. During this discussion, they unpacked trends occurring in three different areas within veterinary medicine: clinical advancements, technology innovation and client experience excellence. Continue reading to learn more about these three areas, or if you’d rather watch the webinar, click here to access it! 

What’s in for 2024 

Clinical Advancements
  • Autologous Cancer Vaccines: The emergence of personalized immunotherapy, such as autologous cancer vaccines, shows promise in targeting specific cancer cells in pets. 
  • POC Testing / Liquid Biopsies: Point-of-care testing and liquid biopsies provide faster and more accurate diagnostic results, aiding in timely treatment decisions. 
  • Genomics: Although genetic mutations are important, their direct translation to changes in treatment targets (proteins) is not always straightforward, necessitating a deeper understanding of the DNA to RNA to Protein pathway. 
Technology Innovation
  • Automation and AI Technology: The integration of automation and AI technologies aims to make veterinary practices more efficient without replacing human expertise. Automatic note-taking is a prime example of how hospitals can utilize AI to save valuable time. 
  • Practice Management Software: Cloud-based practice management software has been emerging for some time, but we are seeing greater adoption because of the convenience and access benefits that on-premise servers do not offer. 
  • Online Prescription Requests: Centralized platforms for online prescription requests can streamline the hospitals workflow and help lighten the administrative burdens by making addressing these requests more efficient. 
Client Experience Excellence
  • Client Self-Service Options: Offering online booking or virtual care options empowers pet owners and enhances convenience for scheduling appointments. 
  • Training Staff and Correcting Skill Gaps: Investing time in training customer service representatives helps improve interactions and ensure a high level of service for clients. 
  • Personalized Communications: There are many ways to ensure that your clients are getting the best possible experience before, during, and after their appointment by tailoring their pre/post communications to their pet’s needs, making accommodations during their appointment, and asking for feedback following their visit. As an example, ensuring that clients are receiving timely and accurate reminders is key to retaining them and keeping their pet in compliance.  

What’s Out for 2024 

  • Waiting 1-2 Days for a Radiologist Report: Traditional waiting times for radiologist reports are being phased out with the availability of digital imaging solutions and teleconsultations for faster interpretation of results. 
  • Waiting for Experience: Veterinary practices are becoming more open to hiring talented professionals regardless of their years of experience, acknowledging the value of fresh perspectives. 
  • Reliance on Paper Records: The shift towards digital record-keeping systems improves efficiency, keeps practices up to date with advancements, and facilitates recruitment of tech-savvy professionals. 
  • Lack of digital resources: Clients have come to expect that their veterinarian will have a well-thought-out website that they can utilize as a resource to get information easily. Remember, your website oftentimes is the first impression you make on a new client, so put your best foot forward! 

The veterinary field is witnessing exciting advancements in many areas & at the same time, practices are leaving behind outdated methods of the past. By embracing these emerging trends and evolving practices, veterinary professionals can provide optimal care and enhance the client experience in the years ahead. If you’re interested in learning more about how CareVet supports our hospital’s advancement, start the conversation with us today!