Finding Work/Life Balance in the Veterinary Industry 

Work/Life Balance is in. But was it ever out?

The term #worklifebalance may seem like a buzzword when in reality, it is a long-standing, ever-evolving concept — one that is critical to maintaining the health of both Veterinarians, Team Members and the work environment.  

Work/life balance means something a little different across Veterinarians and Team Members, however, the underlying cause is universal: stress. (And we know there is no shortage of stress in the veterinary industry!) A recent industry survey showed that only 17.8% of Veterinarians strongly agreed that their current position allowed them to have a good work/life balance. At CareVet, we aim to provide a healthy work/life balance for 100% of our Team Members. 

As professional caretakers, it is natural for DVMs to push work/life balance to the bottom of their priority list. That’s why we build this balance into Veterinarians’ schedules via the following benefits and programs included in The Ultimate CarePackage.  

CareVet’s work/Iife balance solutions include: 

Paid Time Off 

Working long hours and weekends with insufficient paid time off, combined with the physical and emotional toll of caring for animals, are just a few reasons we provide our Veterinarians with adequate paid time off and flexible scheduling. Instead of offering sick and vacation days, we provide our Veterinarians a set number of paid leave days per year – and we encourage them to take their paid time off however they’d like. It’s important that we empower our Veterinarians to rest and recharge how and when they want. 

Paid Parental Leave & Flexible Scheduling 

At CareVet, we know that being a parent is your number one job. Ensuring all parents have adequate paid parental leave to bond with their children and adjust to new caregiving responsibilities is a priority for CareVet. Whether it’s after the birth of a child or during the adoption process, we provide familial support to our DVMs immediately upon hire. Flexible scheduling ensures our doctors are not overworked and allows them more time with friends and family, which unfortunately is a luxury for most DVMs. 


We also encourage our DVMs to take advantage of our other benefits that prioritize your mental, physical and emotional well-being. Carebnb is our paid time off program, providing eligible DVMs complimentary vacation or staycation experiences annually. We designed Carebnb as part of The Ultimate CarePackage to encourage our doctors to take their well-deserved paid time off and recharge away from the hospital.  

Mental Health Services 

Equipping Veterinarians with various resources that support their mental health can help reduce stress and improve work/life balance. We offer Veterinarians and Team Members a comprehensive Employee Assistance Program (EAP) through our benefits, which focuses on compassion fatigue and stress support, and includes free mental health counseling, financial counseling, legal aid, parenting support and more​. In addition to our EAP program, CareVet has a licensed social worker who can assist with personal and work-related issues through the Team Member Care Program. This program’s mission is to develop and implement mental health initiatives, programs and strategies to support the mental and emotional health of all CareVet Team Members. 

These are just a few ways we support our Team Members’ work/life balance. To learn more about everything we offer and find opportunities near you, click here!