CareVet Rescue
CareVet Rescue

CareVet Rescue

CareVet is responding to natural disasters across the U.S. by providing emergency veterinary care to communities in need.

What Is CareVet Rescue?

CareVet Rescue is a volunteer-based response from our very own Team Members that will provide veterinary care in the aftermath of a major disaster. Our fully equipped mobile unit and Team Members travel to the impacted area and provide pet care services to those affected free of charge.

Volunteer Responsibilities

Due to the unpredictability of natural disasters, we cannot forecast what dates or locations we’ll need support in ahead of time. We will call volunteers as situations arise and at that time they may decide to join.

Once on location, volunteers will set up a base to provide shelter, food, water, vital first aid and medication to pets in need. Our teams will travel to each site with a fully equipped mobile veterinary unit in the scenario surgical or advanced veterinary care is needed. Additionally, our volunteers travel with a microchip scanner and can assist in lost pet searches as needed.

How Do I Participate?

All CareVet Team Members may participate in this program. We will send out a form for you to complete demonstrating your interest. CareVet will pay for travel and lodging costs associated with CareVet Rescue. CareVet Rescue Team Members will receive compensation commensurate with their regular pay rate.