Our Focus

At CareVet, our mission is to provide the very best care for pets. Our holistic approach to veterinary medicine focuses on five pillars of care. A balanced approach to people, pets and community make CareVet a partner you can trust.

1. Practice Legacy

The preservation and advancement of your life's work

Your hospital is a respected staple of your community and we appreciate the work that goes into building your reputation. At CareVet, we are able to take what you have built and provide you the resources to grow and expand. From updated equipment to new facilities, we will support you and your team with everything needed to achieve your goals for the future.

“We are so happy we joined CareVet. We have seen tremendous growth this year through their expertise in marketing, support with client and staff safety navigating Covid-19, and just a great network we can lean on to help continue our expansion, recruit veterinarians, and provide exciting opportunities for our hospitals in Northwest Arkansas.”
-Becky Hancock, previous practice owner and current Regional Director of Operations at CareVet, Northwest AR

2. Veterinarians

Ensuring the best care for pets

Being veterinarian focused means supporting veterinarians at all stages of their career, while empowering them to make medical decisions for their patients. At CareVet, we are building a network of veterinary professionals that lead the industry in standards of care through collaboration and sharing of best practices. We believe in providing opportunities for continuous education and mentorship programs tailored to your career goals.

At CareVet, we support our teams to follow their passions.
“We cannot thank CareVet enough for their support in providing resources for foster missions across the United States. Not only are the missions critical to saving endangered species, but they have been a source of hope and joy for all involved and who hear about them.”
– Dr. McKnight, Vice Chair of Trustees at the Endangered Wolf Sanctuary in Missouri

3. Team

The heart of your practice

Team members are your hospital’s most valuable asset. At CareVet, we believe in investing in their health and future. Our robust package of benefits includes health insurance, 401(k) with company match, paid time off, continuous education and more. We want to ensure every team member is equipped with the support they need to continue providing the best possible care to every patient.

Our focus on protecting and supporting our teams is always a top priority. This was especially true in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.
“Without CareVet’s assistance through this matter, I don’t think things would have gone as smoothly as they have. Their support with protocol development has been huge and their support of our staff while we are focused on taking care of our patients as safely as possible has been so greatly appreciated.”
-Shelby Dunse, Hospital Manager, Saint Peters, MO

4. Patients

Providing the highest standard of care

At CareVet, our top priority is treating patients with the highest standard and industry leading care. We believe that the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) guidelines are the gold standard that all hospitals should strive to achieve. We subscribe to their life stage and preventive care guidelines. If a hospital in our network is not AAHA accredited but would like to be, we will work with them to establish a path to certification.

CareVet strives to provide resources to help teams focus on top quality care.
“CareVet provided new state-of-the-art equipment, including a new ultrasound machine, that continue to provide opportunities for elevated levels of care to patients.”
-Meghan Ballou, Hospital Manager, Kansas City, MO

5. Community

Making a difference in the world

CareVet believes strongly in philanthropy; we empower our teams to support initiatives in their communities and beyond. Through fundraising, strategic local partnerships and designated volunteer opportunities, we are working to build a better tomorrow.

We take pride in partnering with hospitals that are dedicated to making an impact on the lives of their patients and their communities.
“We host a yearly Vet Academy free for students ages 9-12. Students spend a Saturday afternoon working aside our veterinary professionals learning to solve real cases in a hands-on manner by working with real patient histories and performing diagnostic tests including bloodwork, x-ray and urinalysis on stuffed animals.”
-Dr. Berman, Medical Director and Doctor, Shoreline, CT