Tips for Efficient Appointment Scheduling

If your hospital is struggling to keep up with demand, consider restructuring the way you schedule appointments.

Developing an efficient method of client scheduling is one of the easiest ways to see more patients during busy seasons. There are several strategies you can employ based on your style of medicine and your team’s workflow.

Be Strategic about Appointment Length

Every doctor has their own preference when it comes to the duration of appointments. Some doctors prefer longer 40-minute appointments, while others are comfortable with shorter, 20-minute appointments. Appointment lengths also vary situationally, with routine appointments allowing for shorter timeslots. When team members understand the preferences of each doctor, receptionists can schedule accordingly, and technicians can have their expectations set for the day.

Stagger Appointments

Stagger appointment times between doctors to optimize traffic within your hospital. Doing so will minimize surges of traffic in and out of exam rooms that can create bottlenecks at the front desk. Additionally, this will allow for the opportunity to utilize one technician for patient intake.

Set Expectations with Your Team

Veterinarians should always take ownership of their schedules and communicate their plans to the staff. Let the receptionists know when they can expect you to have some flexibility throughout the day. This helps keep everyone aligned and in control and provides clarity for the team to know when they can reach you throughout the day.

Review Problem Areas

No new workflow is perfect right away! Take time at the end of the day to review problem areas with your team and resolve any issues while they’re fresh in everyone’s mind. Establishing a clear pattern of communication will empower your team to practice high-quality veterinary medicine for every patient, every visit.